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Ep. 25--A Conversation with Dr. Jane Kise on Differentiated Coaching

In this episode we discuss Differentiated Coaching, with Dr. Jane Kise as well as leadership as it relates to a holistic approach, and gender equity. She has recently published two books, Holistic Leadership, Thriving Schools, and Step In, Step Up, a book she co-authored with Barbara K. Watterston. An excellent episode that covers lots of ground.

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Ep. 23--A Conversation with Lorenzo Dickerson about Desegregation in Albemarle County Schools

This episode was part of a kick-off event with Community Middle School in Albemarle County Schools. It was recorded live with the students of the middle school as an audience. In this episode we talk with documentary filmmaker, Lorenzo Dickerson, who has also begun an African-American film festival called the Maupintown Film Festival that runs in July in Charlottesville. He grew up in the Albemarle/Charlottesville area and attended rural Albemarle County schools growing up.

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