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Ep. 25--A Conversation with Dr. Jane Kise on Differentiated Coaching

In this episode we discuss Differentiated Coaching, with Dr. Jane Kise as well as leadership as it relates to a holistic approach, and gender equity. She has recently published two books, Holistic Leadership, Thriving Schools, and Step In, Step Up, a book she co-authored with Barbara K. Watterston. An excellent episode that covers lots of ground.

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Ep. 20--Teacher Talk- A Conversation with Brandon Readus and Whitney Hinnant

This episode, we discuss elementary education, and how equity figures into it. Guests Brandon Readus and Whitney Hinnant teach at Woodbrook Elementary in Albemarle County Schools. Brandon is a Gifted Resource Teacher, and Whitney is a Multiage Kindergarten/First grade educator, both are certified culturally responsive educators, and  equity consultants. They also co-host the podcast, Black Teacher Code, which can be found on Soundcloud.

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