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Ep. 26--A Conversation with Dr. Gravity Goldberg on Teaching Like Yourself

In this episode Dr. Gravity Goldberg discusses ways in which one can approach their craft mindfully and thoughtfully so that they are presenting themselves authentically to their students. Also in this episode we discuss empowerment and equity--definitely a good episode for pre-service when teachers are gearing up for the new school year.

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Ep. 14--Teacher Talk-a Conversation With Chris Shedd

In this episode, I had a chance to talk with Chris Shedd about his work at Burley Middle School in Charlottesville, Va. We covered a lot of ground. Teaching American History in Charlottesville, using 3D printing, and students constructing a Google Expedition of the former slave quarters at Jefferson’s Monticello. It was a good conversation.

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Ep. 13--A Conversation with Elena Aguilar about Resilience and Coaching

In this episode, we had the chance to talk with Elena Aguilar about her new work, Onward, as well as to discuss some of her work as an instructional coach. We talk about emotions, stories, bright spots, and who the coaches are in her life.

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