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Ep. 21--A Conversation with Dr. John Almarode on PLCs

Dr. John Almarode joins us again for a discussion about PLCs. As part of the Visible Learning team they have worked to reimagine PLCs and employ Visible Learning ideas to make sure that the teacher is put back at the center of the workings of a PLC. We discuss equity, pre assessment, as well as ways that teacher teams can ensure their work is effective within their PLCs.

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Ep. 17--A Conversation With Diane Sweeney on Student Centered Coaching

In this episode, we talk with Diane Sweeney about Student-Centered Coaching, what it is, and some of the ways in which it can be practiced. In addition, we discuss the relationship of coaches to their buildings, and also about the importance of connection outside of one’s own coaching model.

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