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Ep. 16--A Roundtable on Establishing a Coaching Model

Albemarle County Public Schools’ Debbie Collins, Asst. Superintendent of Student Learning, Jennifer Sublette, Director of Professional Learning, and John Hobson, Lead Coach-Social Studies join me to discuss the processes, and philosophies involved in the process of designing a coaching model, as well as the way in which the ACPS coaching model has both persisted and evolved in the past decade.

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Ep. 15--A Conversation with Dr. Bernard Hairston on Equity

This year, Albemarle County Schools has taken on a mission to improve achievement and opportunity gaps in diverse groups of students.  To discuss the equity work that has been ongoing in ACPS, I sat down with Dr. Bernard Hairston, and learned more about the work.

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Ep. 13--A Conversation with Elena Aguilar about Resilience and Coaching

In this episode, we had the chance to talk with Elena Aguilar about her new work, Onward, as well as to discuss some of her work as an instructional coach. We talk about emotions, stories, bright spots, and who the coaches are in her life.

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