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Ep. 22--A Conversation with Jennifer Abrams on Finding one's Voice

This episode is a great one not just for new teachers, but for anyone who works with people (basically everyone then…) In this episode, we’ll talk about Jennifer Abrams’ work as a voice coach (see her blog for more information) the ins and outs of self-advocating, and speaking up when something is not right. We will also discuss her upcoming book, Swimming in the Deep End.

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Ep. 15--A Conversation with Dr. Bernard Hairston on Equity

This year, Albemarle County Schools has taken on a mission to improve achievement and opportunity gaps in diverse groups of students.  To discuss the equity work that has been ongoing in ACPS, I sat down with Dr. Bernard Hairston, and learned more about the work.

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Ep. 11--A Conversation with Bob Garrity on Restorative Practice

This episode is rich with information about Restorative Practices, Mediation, and a little bit on bullying.  I've been aware of Bob's work for six years now, and respect how he is able to navigate conflict with students and teachers so that they are able to negotiate the best possible outcomes.  I learned a lot from this conversation.  I'm sure you will too.

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