Grantwriting Podcast Supplement


Below are the links I use to search for grants.  This is by no means an exhaustive list, but a place to start.  Some are more regionally targeted, but if you are not in that region, think of comparable organizations/businesses that may be in your own area and start your search.  I will probably update this list again in the early fall of 2018 as grants come and go...  Where I feel it's helpful, I've added info on the site/resources.  These are in no specific order.


Teacher Travel Grants

Classroom Grants

Some things to remember:

When it comes to grants, the links I've included are of varying degrees of formality with the application process, but if you're looking for some small items for a project, ask around your town.  A lot of local business owners, as well as general managers of corporate/franchises are willing to help out.  They often have family at the schools.  I once got fifty free ice cream cone coupons donated to me from just driving through the McDonald's drive thru!  They were prizes for an academic project we were doing.  Also, I cannot stress enough, that if you are a member of any education organizations, to check their sites for grants pages, you may be surprised, and the cool thing is that since those are only open to members, the submission pool is smaller than some of the larger grants.  Good luck!