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Third Space Guest Post with

Last week, I invited readers who are considering whether or not to write a blog to reach out as a potential guest blogger with The Ed Narrative. I was inspired by having been asked by to guest blog with them. The process was a great experience, and at this time last week, my post had yet to officially come out. Well, it went live on Dec. 11th, and I wanted to provide a link, so that it would also be available here.

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Assuming the Positive: Things to Consider About the Norming Process

I think what stymied my connection to the norming process was that I’d seen and experienced it done haphazardly. So, my view, initially, was that this was a lot of pageantry to make a group leader feel effective. I know why, now that I’m on the other end of things, these sessions didn’t work. They were one and done, poster on the wall, and then they were never spoken of again.

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The Importance of Having a Coaching Model

—Overall the goal is to provide some sort of “moral” compass for the work.  We make so many decisions everyday, that to provide the team members with some general concepts to base the rightness of their decisions simplifies the daily workload.  It also gives us a clear-cut response when our work is questioned or we are asked to do something that does not fit our mission…

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