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Your Invitation to be a Guest Blogger for

For those of you who have a blog, or are thinking of some compelling idea, but aren’t sure if you want a full-on blog yet, this is for you. I haven’t landed on solid guidelines as of yet, as this is a new venture for me. However, if you write (or want to) about education, leadership, instructional coaching, curriculum development, professional development, or perhaps something that I haven’t mentioned, visit my Contact page and leave me a note about your idea. I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

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In Praise of Collegiality

But it is also an indicator of the value placed on having teachers gather together and work outside of their own buildings together. I can honestly say that within the first year I taught in this district, I got to meet more people outside of my building than I ever did in my previous school. Collegiality was just not a priority there, and getting the teachers together with each other only really happened if you were a department head for curriculum alignment and/or textbook adoptions.

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Bloom's v. SOLO: Some Thoughts

Bloom’s problematizes learning stages by placing them in a hierarchy which seems to prioritize attainment of the pinnacle value as ideal.  With SOLO Taxonomy, the value of the learner’s knowledge attainment is not based on an arbitrary definition of complexity, but rather that knowledge’s utility to the learner’s own growth.  This model recognizes the recursive nature of authentic learning, and leaves some wiggle room for what constitutes the requisite knowledge.

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