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May I Have (Some of) Your Attention Please?

I was once told at a PD session that the ADHD brain is the brain of the future.  At the time I found it unsettling to consider this possibility.  I still do.  The way I understood the speaker’s delivery was that this was no bad thing, but rather a sort of evolutionary step toward living in an information and distraction saturated culture.  All non-ADHD folk would calcify in tar pits while the fittest carried on with the business of survival.

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If You're Looking for Truth, Don't Look Here...

I'm not sure what to do with truth anymore.  Is it more about rightness?  If the truth is going to destroy someone or something, is it always important to make it known?  Or, are there some truths we must keep quiet out of self interest?  If that is the case is this honest practice?  Perhaps truth is merely a weapon to wield, as are lies.

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