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The Utility of a Third Space During Difficult Conversations

If there is progress in a teacher's work as a result of an approach like this, it builds the teacher's capacity, and it creates trust in the work the coach and the teacher are doing together, so that there may be even deeper dives into difficult work in the future as the teacher embarks on their own improvement.

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Is there anything left to say?

And when it comes to how the Santa Fe High School community is choosing to deal with this on the national/international stage, it most definitely strikes a different tone than what we may  normally expect when something like this happens.  I would be surprised to see the Parkland survivors and the Santa Fe survivors collaborating on any major advocacy work.  Then again, I could be wrong.

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The March For Our Lives--Why Now and Not Then?

This past weekend's march resulted in an amazing turnout across America and even internationally.  This post explores some possible reasons why things seem to have more momentum this time compared to past incidents.  Some of it is situational, but then there's also the rise of the students' voices--and that cannot be taken lightly.

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