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Play--It's Not Just For Kids...

In general, more than anything, taking advantage of those moments where play is just hovering over your shoulder, can make the difference between staying sane, and losing your mind—and vice versa.  It can feel risky, but at the same time, that’s where kids live in school, perched on the edge of risk.  Play can take risk and show it who’s boss.  It can say, “See, I told you! No big deal.” And really, how often is that really the case—that what we have blown up to monstrous proportions, never was a big deal outside our own mind?

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The Utility of a Third Space During Difficult Conversations

If there is progress in a teacher's work as a result of an approach like this, it builds the teacher's capacity, and it creates trust in the work the coach and the teacher are doing together, so that there may be even deeper dives into difficult work in the future as the teacher embarks on their own improvement.

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Childcare as a Means to Retain Teachers? Yes, Please

In response to Ed Week's recent article on teacher retention and how offering childcare as a benefit to teachers, I've written this post.  This is not a new idea, but having recently become a third-time dad, and thinking of the money I spend on childcare and the time involved in pick-up/drop-off coordination, this felt like a topic worth blogging about.

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