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Reflecting on a Year

It was just too easy to shunt the PLC appointment aside to clear a slot for a teacher meeting.  Teachers are, and should be our primary concern as coaches so it's understandable that we would do this.  However, the issue was that we were reading books on issues of importance to our practice without discussing the implications or practices of each book.  I decided to step back from things, and think asynchronously. 

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The Death of Truth?

Truth has been a subject for debate for a very, very long time.  And what I am wondering is if the currency of truth is rapidly being debased to a point that its value as a concept is dubious.  A paradox indeed.  Truth is brutal.  Truth is liberating.  Truth can be malicious.  It is a shield, a foundation, and a locus of control.  It is a commodity in society upon which notions of justice can proceed.

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