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What Good is a High School Diploma?

What is it we are looking at when considering the purpose of schooling?  Numbers tend to get the lion's share of attention when we're talking graduation rates, money a graduate makes, number of college acceptances, test scores, and so on.  This is a system by which people are made valuable to the economy.  It seems a cold purpose to me, but when the metrics are quantitative and focused on school survival, how else can a system proceed? 

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Nimbleness--the New 21st Century Job Skill

Nimbleness is a term that is very relevant to the way in which teachers and really anyone in this current moment must interact with the work they do.  To be nimble in this sense requires the agility of mind to hop between tasks of different cognitive natures.  This post looks at just how the term may function in the world of 21st Century job skills.

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