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Some Thoughts and Resources on the TechEd Debate

I like the idea of cutting out a great deal from my family’s tech diet, but I also know that when we look at schools like those the tech execs are sending their own kids to, we are not comparing apples to apples. Any schools that are that exclusive are going to see graduates heading off to Ivies. If they didn’t, the tech execs wouldn’t send their kids there. That’s the benefit of privilege.

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My Intro to Google Expeditions: A Supplement to My Conversation with Chris Shedd

After my conversation with Chris Shedd at Burley Middle School in Charlottesville, VA, I realized I knew very little about Google Expeditions.  This came up during the course of our conversation.  I’d heard about it, but didn’t know much more than it was a VR experience for students.  Well, it turned out that Chris and his students had worked on developing an Expedition for Mulberry Row at Jefferson’s Monticello…

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