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It's Time to Learn What Public Employees in "Right to Work" States Know

Virginia is a "Right to Work" Commonwealth, and has been since the Taft-Hartley act in 1947.  Anyhow, the main thing that is at play in Virginia is the lack of compulsory organizational dues, which now because of the recent SCOTUS decision, is the case for all public employees.  Perhaps it’s time to put our heads together across state lines…

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An Invitation to the Legislature... Come to my Classroom!

While in the studio with high school English teacher, Allison Sprouse, we discussed a recent good day she'd had, and she chose to discuss her recent SOL testing session and how it had gone.  The question of SOLs and the bubbling troubles with the VA Legislature's views on their future came up.  This post reflects on the idea of testing as a final assessment, versus as a means to track student growth.

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