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If You're Looking for Truth, Don't Look Here...

I'm not sure what to do with truth anymore.  Is it more about rightness?  If the truth is going to destroy someone or something, is it always important to make it known?  Or, are there some truths we must keep quiet out of self interest?  If that is the case is this honest practice?  Perhaps truth is merely a weapon to wield, as are lies.

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Doing Half of the Work: A Meditation

We often guide students to answer questions, but perhaps the other half of the work is to question the answers.  It is the work of a scientific mind as well as that of the philosopher.  Do we often only ask students to do half of the work?  This is a brief meditation on learning.

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Hygge Holidays!? Hygge in Schools? A reply...

As we head into the holidays, I was thinking about something that might connect well to this time of year and education too.  I was reading Nancy Flanagan's (@nancyflanagan) blog on the Danish concept of Hygge (hoo-geh) in schools.  My wife, briefly puzzled, looked at me and said, "That's something I could get behind."  So I looked into it and decided a response to the idea could be a holiday(ish) enough post.

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