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Resource Supplement to Trauma Informed Podcast (guest blogpost Sara Robinson)

This post is a resource for our soon-to-be-released podcast episode on trauma informed education.  I had been to one of Sara's sessions on what trauma informed educating is, and the subject opened a whole new world of understandings for me.  This post is an overview of trauma informed education as well as resources to supplement the podcast which will be on the podcast page Feb 15, 2018.

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Who's That Middle School Kid in the Ramones Shirt?!

This post is the result of a piece of conversation I ultimately edited out of the upcoming podcast I did with teacher, Allison Sprouse from Stuarts Draft High School.  That conversation had been a long one, and I hated to cut this section out, but instead I figured I'd turn it into a blog post.  The big idea really is one of culture around this post, and how we live in the current moment--especially the kids.

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